Getting active outsCanningtonIMG_2045_webide and seeing their impact turned Cannington ESC students into passionate eco-leaders.

Cannington ESC teacher, Holly Coombe said the more involved the Year 9 students got with Enviroweek, the more excited they were about caring for our environment.

Seeing is believing

CanningtonIMG_2006_1_webCharged with the Waste warrior challenge, Holly started by using real-life examples to ‘show’ students their personal impact. These included:

“When students made the real connection between their actions and their local environment and wildlife they decided on a school-wide awareness and behaviour change campaign.”

Growing their impact

CanningtonIMG_1943_1_webStudents then engaged others for positive change through:

Holly said the trip to the local recycling centre inspired some creative fancy dress. “The kids loved it and they looked great – we even had cars and robots,” said Holly.

Holly’s hot tip

Enviroweek’s participant team profile is great for engaging students and the community. “My tip for Enviroweek is to involve students in all aspects of the profile. Ask them what team name they would like, involve them in the competitions, and choosing photos to upload.”

“Task students to think creatively about how they can share photos without showing faces. The projects stood on their own grounds, but students wanted to be in the photos, so faces turned down or away or using just hands still get them in the picture without compromising privacy.”


Cannington ESC Waste Audit Movie for Enviroweek from Cool Australia on Vimeo.