Active kids@ World Square, News South Wales, kept their first Enviroweek simple but were delighted with the big impact it made with children and parents.Active-Kids-World-5

Each day of the week focused on a different activity supporting nude food and healthy eating. As the action grew, parents became more involved bringing food and viewing photo updates through the Active kids participant profile.

“On Monday we snacked on fruit and Tuesday was a vegetable feast. Parents bought in loads of fruit and vegetables for children to share. It was a great way to get parents involved,” explained education leader, Ngan.



“My favourite day was Wednesday, children made fruit and vegetable hats and held a hat show. The children were just delighted!”





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Enviroweek complements other environmental programs

Active-Kids-World-3Although the Active Kids center is located in the heart of the city, it has incorporated a large outdoor courtyard, which includes a compost bin and a worm farm, potted plants and loads of natural light as well as shaded areas for play-based learning activities.

“Involvement in a project like Enviroweek provides evidence to ACEQA (the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority) that the centre is fulfilling its requirements as set out in the National Quality Framework,” said Ngan.


“It’s important that young people develop a love and enjoyment for the natural world and especially for children in high-density locations like ours. Our involvement in Enviroweek was beneficial for everyone involved – management, staff, children and their parents. We are really looking forward to participating again.”