Our Story So Far…

Year 4R want to build awareness in our class and our school about being smart about the way we care for ourselves and our planet.

In 4R we are going to learn about reducing the waste in our school lunches and our food consumption at home. We are going to host a weekly 'Waste Free Wednesday' and learn about where our food and packaging comes from so we can make better choices for our future.
We are also going to build a worm farm and learn about these amazing 'waste warriors'! We are hoping to share what we learn with the rest of our school. We are hoping to create a small herb garden so we can use the worm castings to help our plants grow.
We are also planning on starting some recycling boxes for things like old batteries, cartridges and ring-pulls so our school families can dispose of them responsibly.
Most of all we want to have fun while we join the rest of our wonderful country in celebrating our beautiful planet and the cool ways we can look after it!