We are slowly building on our ability to grow a variety of herbs and vegetables with our children, who have taken on the responsibility of watering and checking in on our plants each day. The children's vegetable intake has dramatically increased since the introduction of these garden beds as they are proud of what they have achieved and have seen where it all began.


We have introduced chickens into our outdoor learning space. The children have watched these chicks hatch and grow their new feathers. The children discuss their growth, what sort of food is healthy for the chicks and what food we will need to feed them with when they get a little older to produce eggs for us to eat. In doing this we can show the children that you can produce your own food and that not all food comes from the supermarket or take away stores. The chooks waste is also being re-used in our gardens which has formed a natural fertiliser and we haven't had any weed issues.


Eating locally grown food or food from our garden is good for us and the environment. It’s fresh, ripe and doesn’t need to travel.


We are cooking fresh food from our garden.