Our Story So Far…

As Spring is fast approaching we thought that it was perfect time to sow some vegetable seeds ready for healthy summer eating at TG's..

As spring is fast approaching The Children and the Educators thought that this time of the year would be the perfect time to sow some seeds in our outdoor learning environment - ready for summer to promote healthy eating and allow the children to be connected with and contribute to their world. This learning experience allowed the children to become more socially responsible and show respect for the environment.

All of the children at TG's got very excited as the hose unravelled and they were offered the chance to water their very own mini vegetable patches (recycled from old tyres).

To start with the Educators helped all the children take turns watering the soil, after it was nice and moist, the children got to use their senses to explore and investigate the seeds-Tomato, Carrots, Chives and Onions.

The children were careful when scattering them onto the fertile soil. The Educators used this time to scaffold the children's learning about how to respect the environment.
The Educators posed this question to the children- “How long will it take before we will see our seeds grow into plants?” The children looked into our veggie patch made out of old tyres and said “They aren’t growing!”
The Educators at TG's informed the children that if we keep watering and look after our seeds in our vegie patch every day that eventually we will see them grow and develop ready for us to eat.