In every classroom we have introduced a small composting buckets for students to place their old fruit and vegetable scraps in. Each day one of the West Warriors will collect the scraps and place them in a communal bin. We have decided to use the scraps to put into our garden projects to help fertalise the soil. We will be working with the gardening club to choose the best spot to put the compost in so it can be used effectively!


We sorted our separated our waste. More than 20 per cent of our waste was food that could have been eaten or composted. That’s the same as throwing out one in every five bags of groceries.


We are hoping to celebrate it by announcing at assembly all the positive work we have been doing and thanking the gardening club for their participation. We would also hope to encourage students to continue the composting program even after Enviroweek has finished. We will be putting an article in our school newsletter to inform parents and teachers about the great work we have been doing! In combination we will upload some information and pictures onto our schools website about our Enviroweek program!