Our Story So Far…

Every week is Enviroweek - chooks, vege patch, aquaponics, recycle bins, worms, kitchen/garden program, nude food days!

At St Columba's Memorial School every week is Enviroweek! We have several projects on the go at the moment which link with sustainability. This year we began an Aquaponics area which now grows vegetable, fruits, small fish and yabbies, this area is run fully by the students ( with help from SSOs and teachers of course) students are responsible for the cleaning, planting, harvesting and cooking of the various foods.
We also have a vege patch which is every expanding in which the students are once again responsible for the planting, cleaning, harvesting and cooking of the vegetables and fruits. The JP class works in the seedlings and is now looking into self seeding plants also.
Each class has scrap bucket which food items go to either the chooks or the soon to be worm farm.
We have 6 chooks who eat the scraps and are now laying eggs for further cooking.
We run the Stephanie Alexander kitchen/garden program with all classes once a week.
Each class and area of the school has it's own min greenhouse where herbs are planted, harvested and used in cooking.
Each class/area also has a 10c bin, recycle bin, paper bin and 'normal' bin, which is rarely used as most items can be either recycled, eaten by the worms/chooks or reused.
Last term we had our first 'Nude Food Day' which we hope to make this a