Our Story So Far…

We're establishing a worm farm, learning ways to recycle and reuse our waste, planting gardens in our playground and spending time in the great outdoors.

As part of our sustainability initiatives associated with Enviroweek, our kindergarten established a worm farm to help recycle food scraps generated by our two classes. We had a visit from the local Regional Council's Water and Waste Education Officers who taught the children all about 'Wriggly Worms' and the important role they play in helping us to 'grow a healthy world'. The children learnt how to care for the worms and actively participated in sorting scraps and feeding and caring for their worm farm. They also assisted in using recycled 'worm tea' to fertilise plants and gardens within the kindergarten grounds.
There was also a strong focus on spending time outdoors, talking and learning about plants and the environment and the need to protect and nurture our world. One of our classes extended an excursion to spend additional time exploring the outdoors and visiting a local park. To provide continued learning on the topic of caring for our environment we have organised further visits from the local council to teach the children more on the topics of Recycling and being Water Wise. The Enviroweek initiatives were well received by the children, promoting discussion, plenty of questions and much excitement.