This year at Sans Souci Public School, our SRC representatives will be encouraging students to bring in recyclable lunches that have no or minimal plastics and harmful materials. Our students are creating posters on why it is important to be proactive in caring for our environment. We are hoping it brings awareness about how we impact on our environment and by reducing our use of non recyclable materials, can assist in reducing harmful waste in our community.


If we have waste free lunches, we can save one 42 litre bin going to landfill each week.


We are displaying our thoughts and messages about caring for the environment, around the school. We are holding a Waste free day, in which children make an effort to reduce waste with their lunch by packing their food in a reusable container. This little change can impact on reducing the amount of plastic we use, each day. The class that tries the most to reduce their waste, will be acknowledged in the school newsletter. We will highlight their outstanding efforts in caring for our environment.