Our Story So Far…

We will be replanting some of our gardens with new plants. We are taking the whole Centre to the park to experiment with nature.

The OSHC children are going to tidy up their garden beds and plant some vegetables. This will involve a shopping trip to buy the seedlings and then planting them. It will continue as the children take care of the garden and watch the plants grow. Eventually the children will be able to harvest the vegetables and eat the produce for afternoon tea. The children will also be collecting some of the products of our worm farm, so that they can fertilize the gardens. They will also be collecting any left over water from their drink bottles at the end of the day and recycling this water onto the gardens. Hopefully this will encourage the children to recycle food and drink and use it for other purposes and then turn it into a different product that can be eaten. On Thursday 28th August, the entire Centre (52 children) went across the road to the park along with 17 educators. We took our morning tea as part of our Enviro-Week activities. We walked across the road and sat in a big grassy area, surrounded by trees. We saw some dogs and some friendly people that said 'Hello' to us. We ate our morning tea they ran around on the grass. We looked at all the trees and flowers in the park and had a lovely time in the sunshine.
On Wednesday 27th August some of our school age children took a trip to the nursery and bought some plants for the garden.