Our Story So Far…

We are leaving the classroom and heading out into the sunshine for one lesson every day!

In R/1 Helmers, we are focusing on caring for the environment in every way we can - because we are planet heroes after all! We believe having a clean environment is super important and because we're young kids, it's up to us to save the world and keep it beautiful!

We believe in looking after both the animals and their homes, recycling what we can and reducing our waste of the earths precious materials and water. We're always busy using scrap paper, recycling boxes to make things, turning the lights off (because the sun is bright enough!) and cleaning up the rubbish in the yard!

But we're not just planet heroes, we're also planet lovers! Our teacher told us that kids don't spend enough time outside and because so many great memories happen outside, our teacher is helping us to get out in the sun as often as possible. She promised to try her best to take us outside for at least one lesson, every day! In R/1 Helmers, we have committed to going outside for one lesson every day in order to save electricity, steal some sunshine and fall in love with our beautiful Earth - even more!

We've already started our sunshine learning but we cant wait to become a wild child during 2014s Enviroweek.. Let the sunshine and learning begin!