Our Story So Far…

We are collecting and sorting recyclable materials. Focusing on recycling and reusing paper. Inviting whole centre to collect waste paper for us to recycle.

This week Pre-Prep A launched into Enviroweek as Waste Warriors. The children were introduced to colour coded sorting bins, Green for recycling glass, Blue for paper and Yellow for plastic. The key criteria and vocabulary have been RECYCLE, REUSE AND REDUCE. A range of plastic items have be examined and scanned for the recycling triangle with a number inside. We also reduced the size of items by compacting them so they did not take up too much space. The class looked at our waste paper collection and sorted the paper into categories one that could be shredded and recycled to make more paper or reused for box construction and the other for general recycling.
During the week the children (Mrs Bees Collectors) sorted through all the waste paper for white paper. Before one morning session was finished we had run out of paper to shred with very popular hand cranked shredder. After a discussion with the children, it was decided to ask the other classes to collect their paper for us. We made up three collection boxes for the other EEC classes, (boxes kept from the Pie Drive Fund Raiser). We painted them blue, the colour associated with recycling paper. We chose three teams to carry the boxes and to make a presentation to each class. The class marched around the EEC singing Mrs Bassett’s Recycling Song.
Recycle, recycle, recycle,
Recycle, recycle, recycle,
Don’t throw it away
Use it again!
Recycle, reuse, reduce.