Bidgee, Bowden and Bradley are concerned that the area outside their kindergarten rooms is no longer a green and inviting space since a number of large trees were removed to make way for a new classroom.  Our aim is to design a new and sustainable garden using recycled materials.  We began by exploring the school environment, taking note of the elements we enjoy and love and then putting our ideas down on paper, designing a new look for the space outside our rooms. Here is a picture of our vertical gardens when they were just pallets.  These were donated to our cause by local residents carrying out renovations. We have also been germinating seeds in mini green houses to begin a herb garden which we will plant in old shoes which our families no longer need. Here is a link to our website showing photos of the process.     https://sites.google.com/a/meadowbankpublicschool.net.au/the-kindergardeners/home       We will add to this website over the coming weeks so don't forget to come back each week to check out our progress!