We are revisiting our environmentally friendly waste disposal procedures as they are not working as efficiently as we have been expecting. We ran 2 competitions for all Grades to produce the least amount of waste and ensure the correct waste goes in the correct bins. We ran our 'No Rubbish Competition' for whole month and reduced our rubbish from 2 x 1.5 m. dumper per week to 1 x 1.5m dumper per fortnight. All grades in the school competed for the whole month and winning grade was given 15 minutes extra play time and special treats. In music students sang ' Earth Day Everyday' and discussed how we need to look after our planet EVERY day, not just on one special day of the year. It's the only home we have. We acted out the lyrics of song and compared them with things we do at school such as recycling and walking to school. Grade 6 students ran a swap day for whole school where students could bring a book or toy that they no longer wanted and swap it for something they would like to have. A very successful day with lots of happy faces. Our YEP Cadets and Garden Club are growing vegetables in the vegie garden for students to eat and to sell to the community.