We will continue to spread the message of packing waste free lunchboxes with families and also looking at how else we can use our food scraps - in the compost / worm farm .. or even going home to families with chickens. We would like to set up a swap table where children & families can swap toys, books even clothes.


A long term project would be to grow a 'community garden' at the front of the Kindy where families can access the produce we grow and they can also contribute to it with seedlings, caring for the garden etc.


We are combining with GBRMPA ( Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority) to educate the children about sea animals and beach preservation and what they can do to protect our beach environments. This will involve a beach day where children can connect with this environment. We are also trying to use the nature play space adjacent to our Kindergarten more to connect more with nature and the flora & Fauna in our environment - children will have regular picnics, story times outside, walks around the area and using the play space to make cubbies, or source natural materials for play.


Australian households waste $1,226 a year on things they buy but never use.


Reflecting on our visit to Alva Beach where we learnt about how to be protectors of our environment and extend on this by discussing other ways we can look after and care for our environment.