Year Two enjoyed collecting rubbish to create something new with it. They worked hard for weeks and enjoyed the process of creating and making something useful out of old items.


Kent Road Public School is lucky enough to have a number of different gardens throughout the school. Kent Road students enjoy getting outside to plant new seeds and watch them grow. We have a greenhouse where herbs and tomatoes grow. We have four big garden beds that thrive with delicious food all year round. We harvest from these garden beds and sell our produce to the school community. Kindergarten have their own garden beds that they have planted salad ingredients in. Kindergarten are currently learning about how fresh produce gets to our supermarkets, planting their own salad ingredients really consolidates where fresh food comes from. Stage Two students have made bird feeders to put amongst our gum trees. The students collaborated on the design of the bird feeder and they really enjoyed putting them into the garden to watch the local birds enjoy the bird seed.  Stage three students have been busy making vertical gardens along our greenhouse fencing.  Students were really excited to build the vertical garden, they collected empty drink bottles for weeks. The students planted Marigolds and Pansies into the vertical garden and I know we are all excited to watch our flower wall grow.


Outside students are happy students. Studies have shown that just looking at scenes of nature can reduce stress and can support good mental and physical health.


Kent Road Public School is celebrating Enviroweek, by showcasing their edible gardens, bird feeders, upcycling and vertical gardens to the local council during the local gardening competition. We are very excited to show off what we have achieved as a whole school to support Enviroweek.

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