Different grades and classes will participate in one or more of the four GreenThumb actions. The veggie garden upgrade will continue with planting of seasonal veggies and herbs and the addition of a vertical Indonesian garden and an Indigenous garden. Students will collect seed, propagate, plant , maintain the gardens , harvest and design small space garden areas using donated and recycled items. Some students and teachers will maintain our gardens using mulch, manure, worm tea and castings and others will collect food scraps for the worms and compost bins. The children will investigate the garden while enjoying the outdoors and learning about plants and animals, companion planting, biodiversity, good bugs/bad bugs, healthy food, and the environment. The children will be able to see some wonky veg as we grow a variety of carrots from round to purple in our planter boxes and watch the giant pumpkins growing in the patch. We will also celebrate National Tree day and World Environment Day. There will numerous plantings of native plants to add to our butterfly garden, the Indigenous garden and trees and shrubs along the fences which will add to biodiversity and increase habitat for our native bees, birds , butterflies and lizards. Members of the Wallan Environment Group and Wallan Home Harvest will join us and assist with seed collection, propagating and plantings. All the students will be out and about planting, exploring , learning and enjoying our garden spaces.