Our Story So Far…

Grade 4 - will conduct a waste audit & create mandalas using soft plastics Grade 2 - will run a soup kitchen

Our Mandalas were based on the work of Environmental Artist Chris Jordan and were made from soft plastics collected by the students. The mandalas represent the amount of rubbish created by the school each week. A rubbish audit was conducted prior to starting the project and it was calculated we produce approximately 40kgs per day, 200kgs per school week and since the school was opened 61 years ago about 480,800kgs of rubbish. Following further inquiry the students realised this may be slightly exaggerated as there was far less packaging in the 1950's than there is right now! The mandalas demonstrated many of our transdisciplinary skills and have provided provocation for discussion across year levels.
The Grade 2 soup kitchen was a huge success. The students grew pumpkins and leeks for the soup and parsley, sage and chives for their damper. The parents were invited to join the students for the taste testing. Great fun was had making the soup and damper and it was thumbs up all around for the whole process - seed to plate.