We createed a small green living world  in our centre by the help of tiny hands. On January we thought of having our very own vegetable garden bed so we invited families to join and help us building our little dream. It was an unforgettable moment as educators, families and children had fun working together to create the children's dream vegetable garden bed. Day by day we look after our garden. We harvested some herbs, strawberry, potatoes and baby carrots throughout each month Our children have developed the joy of looking after the garden, planting, watering and watching the plant grow!    


We had a small garden in the middle of the city where there are lots of buildings surrounded


We shared our stories on enviroweek website and we hope to have people come to visit us again this year. Our children would love to learn how to take care or the planet so it would be great if they have surprised visit from the community. Also we share our stories through monthly news letters to families to promote positive outcomes about sustainability and the environment