We have found that there are LOTS of things we can recycle and it all starts in our classroom. We recycle all of our food scraps, which is called Bokashi. In our Bokashi bin we also add our canteen brown paper bags, pencil shavings and tissues. Our whole school is amazing at putting our food scraps in to our classroom Bokashi bins and the Year 2s help to collect it from every room twice a week and then put it in to the large Bokashi bins that sit and ferment. When it has rested the Year 3s dig big holes in our vegetable garden and tip the Bokashi in. It makes THE BEST plant food and the worms just love it! In our Year 1 classroom we have also been learning about RedCycle. We add our soft plastics to our red bin and the Year 5s take it to Coles for us for it to be recycled and made in to other products. We are very good at recycling paper by making sure it goes into the right recycling bin and we make sure both sides have been used before it is recycled. We have become real waste warriors in 1F! Our goal is to go 4 weeks without needing our classroom bin liner changed. We worked out we will save 20 bags from going to landfill!


Making a special newsletter with all our Enviroweek work to share.