Families attending our service bring along a piece of fruit to share, for morning tea. All of the scraps from morning tea are placed together and taken home with staff members/families and used in either compost bins, worm farms or as chook food, eliminating waste going into the bins. Families are encouraged to bring items as they are, without the use of plastic bags. Containers to carry food is preferred, over plastic packaging. We have worm farms, which we intend to get back up and running in the next few months, to add food scraps to.


Across our different sites, we have gardens, containing a variety of plants, including vegetable, fruit and herbs. The most popular is the tomatoes and fresh mint, which are then added into morning tea platters, or used during cooking experiences. During outdoor programs, children have access to watering cans and encouraged to assist with the maintainance and care of these gardens.


We sorted our separated our waste. More than 20 per cent of our waste was food that could have been eaten or composted. That’s the same as throwing out one in every five bags of groceries.


We are cooking fresh food from our garden.