Our Story So Far…

Our school will be focusing on reducing the waste associated with food packaging. We will be encouraging foods with re-useable packaging to reduce waste.

Our school has just established re-vitalised garden beds. We've had big working bees involving students and community members to help strengthen connections with the wider community. We have an active compost heap that uses fruit break scraps and garden and lawn clipping donations from a parent volunteer.
Being a community with a high indigenous population we our bush tucker gardens have been a big hit with all students increasing the cultural knowledge within the school.
Our recently planted mini orchard is in its infancy at the moment but we plan to build it up to the point when the fruit from the trees will be enough to self-sustain our school Crunch and Sip program.

For enviroweek this year having a focus on reducing packaging waste is a short term focus with a measurable outcome. Children have spent the last week learning about how we can reduce our waste footprint and bring food items without needing packaging.