A ROOM FULL OF RUBBISH The school is going to challenge our school community to collect all of the recyclable rubbish that would end up in our rubbish bins at home and then go into landfill. A storeroom has been set aside and the task is to see how long it will take the school community to fill the room completely with recyclable rubbish. Then, take the photographic evidence and our data to the local council to petition for recycling bins and recycling collection within our town. The task will help us identify what items can be recycled and for what purpose. The task will also allow us to gain an understanding of what clean rubbish means, and our responsibility with deciding what items go into recycling bins.


A packaged lunch box contains three pieces of waste. In a year that fills a 240-litre wheelie bin. We make a lot of waste!


We will have a combination of ways we will be celebrating. There will be lots of photo's taken, we will use these to write up newsletter and newspaper articles, post on the school facebook page, as well as many other ways. We will then be asking for a meeting with representatives of our local council to discuss the outcome of our challenge and to petition them to begin having recyclable rubbish collected from the local house each fortnight.