Our Story So Far…

We will be turning our lights off for one hour every day.

We are committed to environmental action and have many great strategies in action that are making a big difference around the school and our community.
Last year we participated in an urban wildlife corridor habitat and improved biodiversity throughout our area. We have also recently built 'native bee hotels' to encourage them to return to our suburbs.
We have great recycling systems in place and our compost is recycled and then used on our veggie gardens. We have Sustainability Club on Thursdays where we garden and cook with our own fresh produce.
We are a Water Wise School and have containers under our drink taps which we then use on our gardens, but most of our plants don't need any extra watering apart from the veggie patch!
Our school environmental leadership team is 'The Envirostars', who meet regularly to plan and participate in environmental programs.
We love the environment at Carnegie!