Bendigo Bank Bowen

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Bendigo Bank Bowen

Positive action for a sustainable future

Less waste in paper, print when necessary and recycle our paper e.g. using for scrap note paper. Utilising our shredding paper as mulch in gardens. Making sure power equipment is turned off at end of day e.g. computers, Air Conditioning etc.

How we're supporting Enviroweek

Selling Calico Library Bags, funds will go back to school and physically helping the school with Green Thumb activities. Bendigo Bank, Bowen Branch donating $50.00 to Merinda State School, as a starting fundraising amount.

How we're connected to young people

We have contacted Merinda State School to be involved with their Enviroweek activity and help them fundraise. We are visiting the school on Thursday 14th August at 9am to attend their parade to show our support and lend a hand where required. Deliver marketing material to school for school bag drops etc.

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