Bendigo Bank
Our Coolest Partner


Bendigo Bank is passionate about connecting with and enriching communities across Australia.

Cool Australia and Bendigo Bank share the common goal of bringing communities together, through practical educational programs that help to build sustainable communities for the future.

Bendigo Bank and Cool Australia are both committed to the mantra underpinning Enviroweek: ‘Positive everyday action counts’, and will work together to help take Enviroweek to all Australian schools.

“Being recognised as Cool Australia’s partner is ‘very cool’,” says Bendigo Bank Executive of Wealth, John Billington. “Part of our commitment towards being Australia’s leading customer connected bank is recognising the very real impact we are having on our environment.

“We envisage a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future for our planet and partnering with Cool Australia is a natural progression for our business. Our hope for the future is a generation of customers who not only choose to bank responsibly, but choose to bank with an institution committed to providing a better environment in which to do so.”

Cool Australia and Bendigo Bank’s partnership will continue well into the future. Together we hope to continue to educate our youth and provide sustainable outcomes in our communities across Australia.