From recycling, waste, green spaces, and energy efficiency to food, health and exercise; Enviroweek supports positive change across a range of school, classroom and student needs.

Teachers share how and why they use Enviroweek…

  • Celebrate and showcase existing environmental achievements

    Cool Australia’s Enviroweek is simply awesome! It provides teachers with an opportunity to challenge our school community with activities that lead to ecologically mindful ways of living.

    Enviroweek provides schools and students the opportunity to promote the awareness of environmental issues.

    Enviroweek provides a focus to channel interest in ways that suit local resources and requirements.

    It’s great to have a week that focuses solely on the environment and sustainability. The challenges are engaging, achievable and long lasting.

    Enviroweek creates an awareness and is a tool to raise awareness of environmental initiatives and shows how easy it is to make small changes.

    Enviroweek is important because it brings to the forefront the need to be environmentally aware.

    It allows schools to showcase what they are doing no matter how small. From small things big things grow.

    Cool Australia’s Enviroweek is an opportunity to showcase what is being done at an school/class level and to celebrate achievements. It becomes a focussed high-energy action week!

    Enviroweek is so important because it helps schools focus on the environment and highlight the need to be more environmentally aware for a sustainable future.

    Enviroweek gives school a chance to focus on caring for our environment, as a whole school community, where everybody is asked to make a difference for a small achievable time period.

    Enviroweek helps to create an ‘atmosphere and awareness’.

    Enviroweek puts environmental issues on the radar and promotes teaching sustainability across all domains.

    Enviroweek provides an opportunity to organise a whole school event and raise awareness. It’s also fun and interesting.

    It gives a focus to channel interest in various ways that suit local resources and requirements.

    Enviroweek creates an awareness and tool to make students and their families more aware of environmental initiatives and ideas whilst giving them an opportunity to see how easy it is to make some small changes or contributions.

  • Kick-start new environmental projects

    Enviroweek is a reminder to revisit the importance of caring for our very precious planet.

    Enviroweek provides an opportunity for us to review what we are doing and make small positive changes to our own practices to make a bigger change for the future.

    Sustainability is a growing curriculum area and it’s nice to find a variety of ways to get involved.

    These initiatives are so important as they often give us an impetus we otherwise might be lacking.

  • Reinvigorate existing projects

    Enviroweek gives a focus and renewed vigour to the sustainable initiatives our school already undertakes. Thanks we love it.

    Enviroweek helps highlight the environmental issues in the school and wider community and it brings the issues to the forefront for a short time, it helps keep the buzz going.

    Enviroweek keeps enthusiasm alive for environmental education

    It’s great to be able to have a week that focuses solely on the environment and sustainability. The challenges are engaging, achievable and long lasting.

    Enviroweek gives us a reminder to revisit the importance of caring for our very precious planet.

    All environmental practices should be ongoing and a part of all people’s lifestyles however (like Mother’s Day, etc) sometimes we have to devote a special time to issues in order to refocus people on what’s important!

    They are important for schools and students as it provides an opportunity for us to review what we are doing and make small positive changes to our own practices to make a bigger change for the future.

  • Engage students through real-life learning / Experiential learning

    Enviroweek is a hands-on way to discover how easy and beneficial it is to preserve the environment by making simple choices in everyday living circumstances.

    Children love these interactive initiatives!

    Enviroweek provides a different way for students participate and gain an understanding of sustainability that enhances their community rather than looking at it from a perspective that doesn’t feel relevant to themselves.

    In a hectic curriculum, this initiative allows schools to engage students in their impact on the environment.

    Hands on learning and activities are the best way to encourage involvement, educate and implement behaviour changes.

    It’s important that there is an organisation like Cool Australia that supports schools and makes learning sustainability fun and interactive.

  • Help build generations of active and informed citizens

    Enviroweek empowers children to take responsibility for looking after their environment and preserving it for future generations.

    Enviroweek is a valuable educational tool. It educates about a global issue that affects us all and raises awareness for students and parents in an engaging way.

    Enviroweek helps students develop long-lasting sustainability skills that they and future generations will benefit from.

    Initiatives like this are important so that the younger generations never lose sight of how important taking care of our planet really is.

    Students need to be aware of their impact and the ‘footprint’ they leave.

    By exposing children to current issues in their world, schools can build children’s capacity to value the environment and hopefully reduce the harmful effects of pollution and consumption.

    Enviroweek focuses what we can do today – locally to improve the BIG PICTURE for future generations.

    Enviroweek makes students aware of how they can reduce their carbon footprint and make a clean and sustainable future for themselves and their children.

    Initiatives like Cool Australia are important – they provide educators the support they need to ensure the children of today become the environmentally responsible citizens of tomorrow.

  • Save money on waste and energy costs

    Enviroweek puts the spotlight on our environment. It makes us aware of what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

    Enviroweek provides a framework to assist schools in taking realistic actions.

    The whole school approach of Enviroweek ensures a positive impact on the school environment.

    Enviroweek makes it easier to reiterate how actions have an impact, for good or bad.

    When students get involved with organising the activities they are more empowered and motivated to follow it through and pursue it further.

    Hands on learning and activities are the best way to encourage involvement, educate and implement behaviour changes.

  • Improve indoor learning through outdoor experiences

    It is programs like Enviroweek that add to the classroom teaching.

    The busy academic world of school need interesting and fantastic initiatives to make our learning real and connect us to our community and actual life events and situations. This is the best type of learning and students (and teachers) love these experiences.

    Enviroweek makes school learning more fun and rewards the students for something they are doing now. We love it!

    It is a fun and interactive initiative that promotes a pertinent topic.

    Enviroweek raises awareness, make environmental learning fun and proves that simple things do make a difference.

    Any initiative that stimulates student ideas and self-reflection is a positive step in the right direction.

    We constantly need new ideas and initiatives to stimulate and excite our young learners. Capturing their imaginations and interest is always challenging as they live in such a dynamic digital world, often removed from the natural world.

  • Embed positive environmental behaviours in schools, homes and communities

    It is extremely important to educate children so they in turn educate their families – like a ripple in a pond that a small stone makes.

    Enviroweek empowers students to make positive living choices for a sustainable Earth. The children take on the role of ‘stewards’ of the earth, taking care of the Earth.

  • Show students how their positive action counts

    Enviroweek involves our school in a nationwide project with a vision to create lasting changes.

    Initiatives like Cool Australia give teachers the chance to put something to students that is bigger than our small school. It allows me to talk about US in the Australian and world sense.

    Students can go global and read about how schools all over Australia are participating in Enviroweek.

    Enviroweek has shown my students that when we all work together, we can make a difference.

    If we challenge students’ thinking about sustainability, then the world has a better chance of turning things around so that we all may enjoy a brighter future.

    If we can encourage students to be more environmentally aware, then their world will be a better place.

    We are educating students about the future and how they as individuals can make a difference whether small or big.

    Cool Australia’s Enviroweek is crucial to schools and students. It’s an eye opener into how easy it is to be environmentally sustainable.

    Enviroweek provides a systematic way for schools and organisations to promote education toward sustainable behaviours.

    Enviroweek gives students and teachers direction towards being environmentally responsible.

    It challenges people to take a positive step towards protecting our planet.

    This is a great motivating initiative and is achievable for everyone to participate.

    Initiatives like this bring sustainability to the forefront of students’ minds and inspire kids to see what relatively simple and fun things they can do, individually and collectively, to make a difference, big or small.

    It is important children are encouraged to care for their environment to understand how this impacts our planet. Small changes are a way to improve our chances of a more sustainable future.

    Enviroweek shows that ‘nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something’ and ‘nobody need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world!’

    Enviroweek is an opportunity to be a part of a ‘bigger force’ towards caring for our environment and making a difference.

    Enviroweek is great for our school and for students to be part of something bigger

    Enviroweek is a reminder of how important it is to look our planet and that we all can make a difference!

    Enviroweek helps us to organise a collective effort to raise awareness and puts steps in place to find and implement solutions

    Enviroweek has shown my Environment club students that they are not fighting the cause alone and that when we all work together, we can make a difference