Enviroweek action can be taken anytime during the year.  Enviroweek is September 10 – September 16, 2017 is a time to celebrate with your community.

Promoting Enviroweek is an easy way to get involved and show others that their everyday action counts.

Visit Promoting Enviroweek to download posters and fun material to include in newsletters, emails or on your website.

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Head to www.enviroweek.org/register to sign up, if you already have a Cool Australia account or participated in Enviroweek another year just login here.

Anything you choose can be changed anytime through your profile settings.

By joining in, students see the impact of their action – for them, their school or service and our environment.

Each Enviroweek action has a ‘How to Guide’ including information about the impact of that action, as well as a downloadable PDF to calculate their impact.

Any organisation that educates young Australians, 3 – 18 years.

Student-led teams (13 years and over) can register directly.

Whole schools, classes or teams can be registered,

Early learning centres, primary and secondary schools, special needs, home schooled, girl guides, scouts, ESL and children’s hospitals all join Enviroweek.

Yes! Students 13 years and over can join. Just choose the ‘not a teacher?’ and then ‘Student Over 13’ option on the sign up form. Either choose your school by typing your school name, or if your school is not listed or you wish to register as an individual select ‘add you own’.

If you participated in Enviroweek previously, or have a Cool Australia account you can login at anytime to get started for 2017!

Just click the ‘Lost your password?’ link on the login page.

You’ll be prompted to enter the email address you used when registering.

We’ll then send you an email with a link to reset your password.

Once you’ve clicked on that link, you can change your password to something that’s easy to remember.

The privacy of your personal information is of paramount importance to us. Please view our privacy policy to understand how your information will be used.

  • First, complete the sign up form
  • After you register, choose your team type (team, class or school) and choose your action. You can either use an existing project or event, or use the ready to go Enviroweek ‘How to guides”
  • Take action anytime during the school year
  • Celebrate your action in some way during Enviroweek, September 10 – September 16
  • Optional activities: Sharing and showcasing your action through a participant profile, The People’s Choice Awards, The Top Educator, and Student leader (secondary).

There are 14 actions to choose under four themes. Choose the action that best suits your education organisation, curriculum and students. Choose 1 or all 14! If you change your mind, you can change your action through your profile settings anytime.

Waste Warrior: Bin it, nude food, swap it, upcycle, trash nest
Green Thumb: Edible gardens, gardening for biodiversity, garden care, vertical and mobile gardens, wonky veg
Sparky: Switch off
Wild Child: Moove and groove, nature classroom, sit spot

  • Showcase your action and inspire others from your participant profile
  • Join Facebook and Twitter for inspiration and tips

Enviroweek’s 14 actions have complete ‘How to guides’. Beside each guide you will find links to supporting curriculum resources.

Yes, Enviroweek can be readily adapted for a range of school events including Literacy and Numeracy Week and Science week.

Achievements for other events like Tree Day, Earth Hour, Recycling Week and a whole lot more can be showcased and celebrated during Enviroweek.

Yes. Enviroweek is a year of action and a week of celebration. Action can be taken anytime during the year. The official week of celebration is September 10 – September 16, 2017 but choose any week that suits you.

Enviroweek partnerships are win-win-win. Here’s the triple impact.

1. Educators: Enviroweek provides free access curriculum resources, prizes, recognition, community engagement and national connection.

2. Partners: Enviroweek provides a place to support and enable positive community action across waste, green spaces, energy and health.

3. Cool Australia: Enviroweek supports and connects educators, students and organisations doing great things for our environment.

People, power – us and you! There are online digital promotional tools and downloadable posters to print (use recycled paper that’s already been printed on one side), or make your own from recycled materials.

This is the ninth Enviroweek. The first Enviroweek was held in 2009 when 200 people joined in. In 2016, 382,000 Aussie kids joined in.

Cool Australia is a not-for-profit organisation educating young Australians for a sustainable future.

We create best practice Australian curriculum aligned units of work, lesson plans, worksheets and learning activities on a range of topics for teachers.

Our resources are online, free-to-access and endorsed by leading educational bodies. They can be digitally shared or simply downloaded from our website and taken straight into the classroom.

Cool Australia supports more than 55,000 teachers and 280,000 students with engaging and award-winning learning resources. There are Cool Australia teachers in more than 4,120 of Australia’s 10,000 Schools.

Cool Australia also provides curriculum for major events on the school and community calendar including Earth Hour, Clean Up Australia Day, Planet Ark’s National Tree Day, National Recycling Week, World Environment Day and National Reconciliation Week.

Yes. Please connect with Enviroweek and other participants online at:
Facebook: Like us to connect with Cool Australia and Enviroweek supporters
Twitter: Connect with other teachers, get ideas and tips
Vimeo: Check out school action
YouTube: Check out school action

We hope this has answered all your questions about Enviroweek 2017. If you still have questions or need further information, please contact us.